Council Meetings, Agendas and Minutes

Council meetings are held on the third Wednesday of each month and commence at 7.00 pm. They take place at The Methodist School Room in Dobwalls except in January, April, July and October when they are held at Trewidland Village Hall.

Members of the public are invited to attend any council meeting and can speak to the council about any parish issues during Public Participation, which is held towards the beginning of the meeting. A time of 3 minutes is generally allowed per speaker and Public Participation will not normally be longer than 15 minutes in duration.

Meetings may be filmed or recorded by broadcasters, the media or members of the public.  Any person wishing to film or record the meeting is respectfully requested to inform the Clerk beforehand. Matters deemed as not being in the public interest will be discussed in a private session during which members of the public will be excluded and no recordings whatsoever will be permitted.

Members of the public are able to examine the details of any planning application that is on the agenda to be discussed by following this link to the Cornwall Council Planning Portal.

Comments Agenda Minutes
18th September 2019Venue: Trewidland Village Hall  AgendaMinutes (Unapproved)
21st August 2019  AgendaMinutes
17th July 2019  AgendaMinutes
19th June 2019This meeting will be at Trewidland Village Hall  AgendaMinutes
15th May 2019Annual Parish Council Meeting  AgendaMinutes
15th May 2019Monthly Parish Council Meeting  AgendaMinutes
17th April 2019Meeting will start at 6.00pm  AgendaMinutes
17th April 2019ANNUAL PARISH MEETING starts at 6.30pm  AgendaMinutes
20th March 2019NB. New start time of 6.30pm for PC Meetings  AgendaMinutes
20th February 2019  AgendaMinutes
16th January 2019  AgendaMinutes
19th December 2018Please Note Earlier Start Time  AgendaMinutes
21st November 2018  AgendaMinutes
17th October 2018  AgendaMinutes
19th September 2018  AgendaMinutes
15th August 2018  AgendaMinutes
18th July 2018  AgendaMinutes
20th June 2018  AgendaMinutes
16th May 2018Extraordinary Meeting CLOSED SESSION  AgendaMinutes
16th May 2018Annual Parish Council Meeting  AgendaMinutes
16th May 2018Parish Council Meeting  AgendaMinutes
27th April 2018Extraordinary Parish Council Meeting  AgendaMinutes
18th April 2018Annual Parish Meeting  AgendaMinutes
18th April 2018Parish Council Meeting  AgendaMinutes
21st March 2018  AgendaMinutes
21st February 2018  AgendaMinutes
17th January 2018NB* Meeting held at Trewidland  AgendaMinutes


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