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Dobwalls and Trewidland Parish Council
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Parish Council Meetings Archive

DateComments Agenda Minutes
18/12/2019 AgendaMinutes
20/11/2019 AgendaMinutes
16/10/2019 AgendaMinutes
18/09/2019Venue: Trewidland Village Hall AgendaMinutes
21/08/2019 AgendaMinutes
17/07/2019 AgendaMinutes
19/06/2019This meeting will be at Trewidland Village Hall AgendaMinutes
15/05/2019Annual Parish Council Meeting AgendaMinutes
15/05/2019Monthly Parish Council Meeting AgendaMinutes
17/04/2019ANNUAL PARISH MEETING starts at 6.30pm AgendaMinutes
17/04/2019Meeting will start at 6.00pm AgendaMinutes
20/03/2019NB. New start time of 6.30pm for PC Meetings AgendaMinutes
20/02/2019 AgendaMinutes
16/01/2019 AgendaMinutes
19/12/2018Please Note Earlier Start Time AgendaMinutes
21/11/2018 AgendaMinutes
17/10/2018 AgendaMinutes
19/09/2018 AgendaMinutes
15/08/2018 AgendaMinutes
18/07/2018 AgendaMinutes
20/06/2018 AgendaMinutes
16/05/2018Parish Council Meeting AgendaMinutes
16/05/2018Annual Parish Council Meeting AgendaMinutes
16/05/2018Extraordinary Meeting CLOSED SESSION AgendaMinutes
27/04/2018Extraordinary Parish Council Meeting AgendaMinutes
18/04/2018Parish Council Meeting AgendaMinutes
18/04/2018Annual Parish Meeting AgendaMinutes
21/03/2018 AgendaMinutes
21/02/2018 AgendaMinutes
17/01/2018NB* Meeting held at Trewidland AgendaMinutes
13/12/2017 AgendaMinutes
15/11/2017 AgendaMinutes
18/10/2017NB meeting at Trewidland AgendaMinutes
27/09/2017Please note change of date for meeting AgendaMinutes
16/08/2017 AgendaMinutes
19/07/2017Note this month's meeting is at Trewidland AgendaMinutes
21/06/2017 AgendaMinutes
17/05/2017Parish Council Meeting AgendaMinutes
17/05/2017Annual Parish Council Meeting AgendaMinutes
17/05/2017Annual Parish Meeting AgendaMinutes
19/04/2017Note this Month's Meeting is at Trewidland AgendaMinutes
29/03/2017Extraordinary Meeting re Planning Applications AgendaMinutes
15/03/2017 AgendaMinutes
15/02/2017 AgendaMinutes
18/01/2017Note: This month's meeting is held at Trewidland AgendaMinutes
14/12/2016 AgendaMinutes
16/11/2016 AgendaMinutes
19/10/2016 AgendaMinutes
21/09/2016 AgendaMinutes
17/08/2016 AgendaMinutes
20/07/2016 AgendaMinutes
30/06/2016 AgendaMinutes
18/05/2016Annual Parish Meeting AgendaMinutes
18/05/2016Annual Parish Council Meeting AgendaMinutes
18/05/2016Parish Council Meeting AgendaMinutes
20/04/2016  Minutes
16/03/2016  Minutes
17/02/2016  Minutes
20/01/2016 AgendaMinutes
16/12/2015  Minutes
18/11/2015Appendix 1 can be viewed in Supplemetary Notes  Minutes
21/10/2015  Minutes
16/09/2015  Minutes
19/08/2015  Minutes
15/07/2015  Minutes
17/06/2015  Minutes
13/05/2015Annual Parish Council Meeting  Minutes
13/05/2015  Minutes
15/04/2015  Minutes
18/03/2015  Minutes

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